Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chris and Etta are Married! Sneak peek

First off I want to start this blog by saying thank you to all of my amazing clients. I know lately things have been a bit busy, I mentioned a lot about trying to catch up with my editing an apologizing for my lack of blogging but that all being said I want to say how much I love my job and how rewarding it is to have such wonderful clients. I don't even feel like I should call what I do a job, I don't wake up every morning and say sarcastically "great another day of work". I'm excited every single day to do what I love and for that I have to say thank you to all my clients who have made this possible. I have met so many awesome people, seriously it is truly such a blessing to be invited to share your special day. My clients invite me to be part of such an important celebration, I share all those special memories and moments with you from start to end and that is truly an honor. You guys have sent me the best emails, made the most encouraging comments, and I can't thank you enough for making this such a rewarding job. I cherish each and everyone of you! bring things full circle here is yet another of my amazing clients. Chris and Etta were married at the St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church on August 22, 2009 with a beautiful reception following at the Egypt Valley Country Club. This was my first orthodox ceremony and it was really, really cool.
You guys were a blast to work with, you were up for anything and really just wanted great pictures so thank you for allowing me to be the photographer that I am and letting us feel so welcome on your special day. Here is a quick sneak peek of your pics!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Andrew and Reba are Engaged!!

A few weeks back......yep this blog post is wayyy over due...anyways a few weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting and engagement session for Andrew and Reba.  They will be married in April in the beautiful Fountain St church, I am so excited.  They are such an adorable and lovely couple, our session was a blast.  When I told them I wanted to shoot downtown at night they said, "sure whatever you want".  It's so awesome when clients tell you to do whatever you want, what trust!    Thanks guys for shooting with me and choosing me to be your photographer for your special day.  

I LOVE her beautiful blue eyes
She is smashing isn't she!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding Sneakpeeks!!!!

I know I have a few brides anxiously awaiting their fabulous wedding photos...I heart you my beautiful brides and your patience as I keep trying to catch up!  I have promised some sneak peeks but because I am a naughty photographer my blog has sat silent, so to make up here is a sneakpeek wedding marathon of what I've been up to these last few weeks.  

Abe and Rachael were married on August 7, 2009 in Holland, MI
John and Margie were married on Aug 15, 2009 in St. Joe, MI
Chris and Laurie were married on August 8, 2009 in Saline, MI
Greg and Karen were married at Kyper College here in good ole' Grand Rapids MI on August 1, 2009.

Sophie turns 4!!

First and formost I need to sincerely apologize for my blog failures.  In the midst of the this crazy season I find myself neglecting my blog more and more.  I hope to catch up at some point, I have so much to share!  To start with my attempts to catch up here is a shoot I did quite a few weeks ago.  This is Sophie, she just turned 4 and she is adorable!  Sophie and I had a photoshoot last year for her 3rd birthday and when Emily emailed to schedule her 4th birthday shoot I said "already! it's been a year already!"  Wow, time really does flyby!  Sophie was such a pleasure to shoot and she LOVES the camera.  I couldn't have asked for a better four year old!  Thanks for letting me shoot you once again, I can't wait for next year now, I'm quite sure that her 5th birthday will come just as fast :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Becky and Nick Day After Session

I was so incredibly excited to hear that Becky and Nick had decided to do the Day After Session.  This session is so awesome for so many reasons, there's something so relaxing and calming about being through the wedding day...the vows are spoken, the party is over, it's all about the two of you now.  You don't have to think about being on schedule, you don't have to worry about the guests waiting, you can go to any location your heart desires, you get more one on one time with me to WORK IT OUT, and of course ...hello...more SWEET PHOTOS...if I haven't sold you yet I'm quite sure these pics from Becky and Nicks' day after session will, they are SWEET!  Thanks guys, seriously, I am so honored to be your photographer and in all honestly you are troopers for going out for a photo shoot the day after!

Becky and Nick are Married! Sneak peek

On July 25th, I had the pleasure of traveling up to the UP for a marvelous wedding in Sault St. Marie.  I was so excited for this road trip because I have never been further than the Mackinac Bridge, so needless to say this was quite the adventure.  As we travelled further and further north the weather got gloomier and colder.  I wasn't sure what to expect but honestly I was rather excited to be shooting in a new place so I didn't really mind the weather.  Becky told me she was getting umbrellas for the pictures so I was sure, despite the weather predictions, we would have a blast.  It turned out to be such an awesome day for Becky and Nick, yes it rained a little, but it didn't cast any gloom on the joy and love present on this special occasion.  In fact I kinda like the mood of the  cloudy wet day!  Here's a few sneak peeks from the day, more to come....eventually as soon as I manage to get caught up on my editing!