Monday, May 24, 2010

weddings, more weddings, and weddings...oh my!

Wow! It has already been such an incredible wedding season, here's a small sneak of what I've been up to these last few weeks.
Tina and Chad had beautiful wedding (despite the seriously crazy weather) on May 8th in an apple orchard. Spring blossoms came so early this year I was a little nervous that they'd be gone by the time Tina and Chad were married, luckily we found these last few trees still blooming full of that spring goodness. Congrats Tina and Chad, seriously you guys are rockstars. You stuck it out with smiles on your faces despite what we all know was the WORST day in May. Thank you! from the bottom of my heart. You made the day magic :)
Brent and Lauren were married on May 15th, downtown on a gorgeous day with so many awesome vendors, fun friends, and loving family by their side. Congrats to you both! You are such an adorable and beautiful couple. I have sooo many favorites from your big day I can't wait to post more :)
Meghan and Scott are another fab couple married this past weekend, May 22nd. Meghan is a friend close to my heart, she is my hair diva and I feel like I've been so close to her over these last few years as she's gone from a girlfriend eagerly anticipated that shiny diamond ring, to the busy bride-to-be planning her big day, and now the newly married wife. We spent so many hours chatting away about this big day during my salon visits, I couldn't wait to see everything come to fruition. Congrats guys, I hope you're enjoying the honeymoon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sarah and Bill are Engaged!

Let me introduce you to Sarah and Bill. I am so excited to head over to Chicago late this summer for their wedding! I grew up in Chicago and I've always wanted to go back, what better reason to head back then for their fab September wedding! Sarah and Bill are so much fun, and were as excited as I was to go to the carnival for their engagement session. Thanks guys, seriously you are a blast and though the ferris wheel was scary .... sorry....the whole evening was such a great time. Can't wait to see you again!

Eeek... a lepoard peep toe, sling true shoe addict favorite.

Whoo, sexy!

I have to say I'm pretty proud of this shot, but you would have had to been their to know why. Firstly, Sarah is not a fan of heights (which I didn't know until too late ...sorry Sarah... thanks for humoring me) Secondly I'm dangling over the edge of the ferris wheel cart trying to get a shot as it's spinning around, Carolina is holding my feet in a panic (she too is afraid of heights), while the wind is whipping us around. It was chaotic, scary, and fun!!! I know I'm a crazy dare devil...but it's in the name of a photo :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reba and Andrew are Married!

Last weekend Regina and I shot a fabulous wedding for Reba and Andrew. You may recognize them from their engagement session last summer, check them out here. Thanks to you both, you guys are awesome. I have been anticipating your wedding for a while and I thought everything was incredible, despite the weather. You are both so fun and easy to shoot with, thank you for allowing me to capture this special day! For now here's a quick sneak peek, more soon!

Jenna and Mitch are Engaged!

A few weeks back I went out for a fun engagement shoot with Jenna and Mitch. I have to give these two some MAJOR props! They were so cute and fun together, up for my crazy crawling over broken rubble to shoot in a dark alley where a we found a bed made from old couch cushions and boxes...sad and scary. Then we trekked out to the beach where the temperature were 40 degrees with whipping winds that felt like needles scratching across the face. Needless to say weather was certainly not ideal for a sunset beach shoot, but they did an amazing job looking warm and having fun. We even managed to get a peak of sun at the end...enjoy your sneak peek! Many blessings to you both in your marital journey together.

Love a good sassy shoe!