Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jim and Jodi are Married! Sneak-peek

Yes, I am very aware that I really stink at blogging.  Seriously, I don't know how I'm going to catch up...so for you blog stalkers out there... you know who you are...be patient with me.  I have six more weddings to blog and I keep on shooting more.  Hopefully sometime this year I will get caught up :)  
Anyways, onto the main event of this blog, drum roll please, Jim and Jodi are MARRIED!  What a fantastic wedding, Jim and Jodi are an awesome couple.  Yes, I know I say that a lot, but it's true and I really mean it.  Jodi has such a fun and energetic personality.  She has a genuine love for life and it's contagious.  The day was filled with so much laugther, silliness, passionate emotion, and FUN! 
As I was trying to pick out an image for the sneakpeek I had such a stinkin hard time.  There are so many to choose from.  So...sorry Jim, it's not that this wasn't your special day too, but I love this image.  I promise I will post more soon, no really I will, and Jim will have his debut on my blog.  For now, enjoy this fantabulous image (yes I said fantabulous becaue it's my blog and I can make up whatever words I want) . 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bryan and Christina are Married! sneak-peek

This past weekend Bryan and Christina were married at the Watermark Country Club on a beautiful...and hot day!  Friday was rain, storms, lightning, scariness...so I was really hoping for a great day.  I couldn't have asked for better, the weather was gorgeous while Bryan and Christina exchanged their vows under a lovely tent on the Watermark grounds.  This images is so adorable, they look so in love.  More to come later!

Dave and Katie are Married!

This blog is sooo far overdue, I seem to be running to catch up with my blog.  
Dave and Katie were married May 22, 2009 in Kalamazoo, MI at the Third Reformed Church. Many many years ago I went to a womens' bible study with my mom at this very same church (small world) so it was really cool coming back to shoot a wedding and reminisce.  Katie was such a beautiful bride, I could have posted a whole blog just on her bridal portraits.  Her dress and accessories had a very old world vintage feel, so incredibly unique and gorgeous.  Katie is such a sweet person, as is Dave, and being part of their was an honor.  Unfortunately, I didn't really have much of a chance to get to know Dave or Katie before the wedding.  Katie and I talked a few times to go over wedding day details but not enough to really get to know each other and their love story...you know I'm a sucker for a good love story :)
Katie, being the sweetheart that she is, sent me a wonderful email after the wedding sharing her love story about her and Dave.  Though I couldn't post all the details of their story ...they've known each other many years...here is a portion.
Dave and I had first met at Hillside Middle School when we ran cross country together. Honestly, we have little recollection of each other from then because we still thought the opposite sex had cooties. If you fast forward a few years though to my junior (Dave's sophomore) year in high school (in which you may have walked the same halls), Dave and I started to become friends mostly through youth group at Third Reformed Church. Sometimes we'd walk to the cafeteria together and tell a few jokes, only for us to go our separate ways. I always sat with his older brother who so graciously always gave me his Three Musketeers bars. I later found out that that was Daves' favorite candy bar...he still thinks I owe him many candy bars. 
I think it'd take forever to give the details of all the years, basically, our friendship grew into love. We always laughed together and cared about each other so much that we were able to endure four years apart with me being a Spartan and him being a Wolverine. Although we are super spirited for our alma maters we have managed to maintain a peaceful rilvary. I would say that we saw each other about once or twice a month as our schedules permitted while in college. By the time I graduated in 2007 marriage had already been a regular discussion for some time. Yet, Dave still had some time in school and we both felt the importance in living out our college experience.  In April of 2007 I had applied to work at Google in Ann Arbor. I almost didn't want to tell Dave that I was applying and get his hopes up that I'd actually get the job in Ann Arbor. But, of course, I can't keep anything from him. The second I told him I remember he said he'd just pray that it'd happen. And it did. By summer 2008 I had figured Dave would pop the question as he only had a year of school left. 

This past August 23, as we were driving home to KZoo for my family pictures, I got antsy and asked him whether he thought it would happen soon. He seemed a little upset that I asked him and said that it'd likely be in the next few months that he'd propose. A little embarassed, I apologized for asking.  That evening I pulled up to Third Reformed Church for the family pictures with my mom and her husband.  All of the sudden Dave came running from behind a bus in the church parking lot asking if he could be in the pictures. A little confused I followed him only to be escorted on a 60 passenger charter bus. I looked toward the back of the empty bus to see a couple of seats featuring items from our past. Two of the seats had the same shirts Dave and I wore on our trip down to Mexico. He also included a few other things like the candy we ate on the way down. Dave did his best to get down on one knee in the narrow aisle and asked that I could be his wife. I obviously said yes!"

Katie did all the detailing on the veil herself, impressive.

Mom and sister helping Katie into the dress, they look very intense don't they :)

LOVE the colors for the girls, so very unique.  

Yep, she's gorgeous...and sassy.  I love my sassy brides!

I love it when grooms get emotional as their bride walks down the aisle.  We know they're tough, but at this moment its definitely okay to cry.  

A union of a Spartan and a Wolverine...hey proof that it can happen!

LOVE the spot lights

So... I have to share another email from Katie, I'm telling you she is such a sweetheart.  
We photographers spend a lot of time and hard work going through your wedding day images and creating a storybook of your day.  We want you to revisit that special day everytime you look through your pictures, but unfortunatley I don't get to be there when you watch your slideshow for the the first time, I miss all the laughter and tears.  It is so awesome and encouraging when I get emails like the one from Katie....  
Dave and I LOVE the slideshow! I actually sent out the slideshow to family and some friends, I often feel that people don't really share positive feedback and comments enough, here are their comments.
**WOw Katie!  I don't think you could ask for more - the pics are breathtaking!
**Your dad and I looked at the slideshow last night.  We just wanted to cry, not because we were sad, but we were so filled with emotion looking at the pics.  Katie, you were an incredibly beautiful bride.  Your pics are amazing.  The photographer is the best I've seen.  She truly captured the essence of you and Dave. It felt like I was watching a story unfold.
**First off i want to tell you that your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!
**Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.  It was a very good cry as I watched the pictures.  We all enjoyed them.

Thank you Dave and Katie for allowing me be a part of your day!  It is an honor and a blessing to share one of the most important days of your life with you, your friends, and family.  May God bless your marriage and bring you many joyful years together!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Out of the Office

I will be out of the office from June 20 until June 24 for some much needed rest and relaxation.  I will have limited email and phone usage, if you need to get in contact with me between these dates please feel free to leave me a voicemail or an email and I will promptly return your message as soon as I return.  

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Published...on the Cover!

Whoo whoot!  I found out a month ago that I made the cover of the Lansing Bride magazine.  I couldn't post anything until the magazine came out and it was killing me, I just got my copy in the mail and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you!  
About a year ago I was looking through these magazines, Grand Rapids Bride, Kalamazoo Bride, and Lansing Bride and talking to my husband about my goal to get work featured inside.  To be perfectly honest I really never imagined I'd be featured on the COVER, especially not so soon.  What an incredible blessing!  Thanks to Jake and Kelly for choosing my image and to everyone else at GRB Ventures Publication.  Not only did I get the cover, but I got the double spread table of contents and another of my images is being used to promote the Kalamazoo Affair Shows.  I am so excited and honored.  Here are some pictures of the spreads inside the magazine. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeff and Erin are Married! Sneakpeek

On May 29, 2009 Jeff and Erin were married!  Brooke and I made the long trek from Grand Rapids to Pigeon Michigan for a beautiful ceremony.  Where is Pigeon you might ask,  well... very very far away...about one hour north/east of Frankenmuth.  So far that without our GPS guiding our way we would have been lost, lost, lost.  The church was simply fabulous, it was a small white church literally in the middle of a field.  We drove for at least 45 minutes into the countryside to find the church, luckily we left extra early and only got slightly lost :)  After the ceremony we travelled to a windmill farm for pictures, how cool is that!  How many people can say they had wedding pictures in a windmill farm?  Jeff and Erin can!   Erin and Jeff, I know you guys are excited to see your pictures, off off and away to editing land I go, but for now here is a sneak peek.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chris and Suzy are Married! Sneakpeek

On Saturday, June 6, 2009 I had the fabulous opportunity to shoot Chris and Suzy's wedding.  Both Chris and Suzy are originally from Michigan but now reside in Texas.  They made the trip all the way back up to here to be married in a beautiful ceremony at the Ada Congregational Church (with fabulous floral arrangements by the distinguished  Modern Day Floral...more about that later)  and rounded up the evening with an elegant night at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  Here is an image I grabbed on the carosel later in the night, I have to say I'm pretty proud of this one.  

Jon and Andrea are Married! Sneakpeek

This past Friday, June 5, 2009 Jon and Andrea were married in a beautiful church on a beautiful day.  Everything about their day was awesome, Andrea was  gorgeous bride and Jon was a dashing groom.  He is a marine and Jon and Andrea looked like the perfect military couple.  I was so excited that Andrea wanted to go downtown and do some sweet rockstar wedding shots.  Here is a quick sneak peek image of one of their urban rockstar images, I can't wait to go through the rest!

Jeff and Amanda are Married!

Wow...I am really behind on my blogging.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I've blogged.  It's certainly not that there isn't much going on, on the contrary, I'm up to my eyeballs in editing.  I have so much going on it's overwhelming to figure out how I am going to catch up.  My apologies for my lack of posting.  I have five more weddings to blog but let me start with a wedding I shot earlier in May.  Amanda is my husband's cousin, and mine now too :)...and Jeff is the awesome guy she wed on May 16, 2009.  This wedding was extra special because it was for family.  I'm always flattered when someone entrusts me with shooting their most precious memories but I was extra flattered when a family member asked me to do the honor.  Aside from the threat of rain and gusty winds they day was flawless.   

So, Amanda had a fabulous underskirting to add that extra fluff to the gown...however, trying to figure out how to get the dress on over the underskirting was quite the predicament.  As you can see solution was tucking and tucking and tucking the fluff into the dress.  It was quite funny to watch...and photograph.

While I was hanging out with the girls Kendra took the guys outside for some photos.  They look pretty nice huh!  Good job Kendra.
I have no idea what is going on here, basically the guys are giving Jeff a hard time I imagine.  
This series cracks me up, Daniella was the flower girl and she was in charge of making people laugh for all the family photos.  She did such a good job, she had everyone cracking up, plus I had great natural smiles from everyone for all the family photos...I think I'm going to bring her along for all my weddings.  

The beautiful bride
I really love this barn in the background, I think I want to come back and see if they will let me borrow it for more photoshoots, what do you think?

Funny story here, Amanda had mentioned that she was looking for a cool feather pen to put with her guest book.  Wellllll... a few cousins (and my mother- in-law *giggle*) thought it would be cool to make her a one-of-a-kind feather pen.  This is totally a one-of-a-kind pen, probably not quite what Amanda was thinking.  It was totally a joke.. we all had a good laugh and the pen had to make its debut on the big day.  
My mother-in-law, Roxanne, makes delicious Christmas sugar cookies.  It's a tradition to all get together around the holidays to decorate and frost cookies, so for Amanda's wedding we had these yummy cookies as table favors.  All the girls got together a few days before the wedding to frost cookies, this picture makes me hungry for those cookies!
This is what Amanda is saying  here..."Be nice Jeffrey, you be nice, I mean it, be NICE!"
He wasn't nice, though it could have been worse...just ask my husband :) right honey

At least they were nice in the end, I like the clean up shots.  
This is Kaeler, the ring bearer.  I think he enjoyed his cake too.
My hubby, how adorable.  I saw him making his way back to the table with not one but two pieces of cake, and no, one of those pieces was NOT for me.  He will kill me if I tell you this, but it wasn't his first trip for cake.  It's okay honey, I didn't want any cake anyways.  I think that's his dainty hand, I don't know exactly why the dainty hand gesture came out, I probably said something smart at the time.  Sorry babe, it's not the best picture I've taken of you.  I'll post better ones later, love you :) 
p.s. you look cute in suspenders
Doesn't Jeff look mischievous
I know I posted this in the sneak peek but I love it enough to post it again.  
And here are some other compositions I liked too. 

Yay!!! Your a Mrs Chapman now, hmmm it's going to be hard for me to get used to that.  Congrats you two, thank you for letting me be your photographer!