Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joel and Fawn are Married! Sneak peek

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting Joel and Fawn's beautiful wedding in Midland, MI.  Originally we had plans to shoot some fun  pictures in Midland's beautiful Dow Gardens, and we did for about 10 minutes until a downpour drenched us all, not so much fun.  I felt so bad for the bridal party, and for Fawn as we raced back to take cover from the torrential rains.  Well, we were soaked, BUT we still managed to get some fantastic photos.  In fact, I almost think it worked out better because we left the gardens early and headed for the reception at the H Hotel.  Turns out the H Hotel has some excellent photo spots, I found this perfect little corner with perfect white curtains diffusing the light, ahhh photo heaven.  Granted we still got some sweet photos at the gardens, but I think these shots are my favorites so I'm posting these for the sneak peek.  Now I know we are not all models, and we are not all aspiring to be models, but I think we can feel like a model for one day.   I told Fawn she looked so awesome, like she came right out of bridal magazine.  Fawn, I think there's a little natural model in there somewhere because you look like you came out of a bridal magazine here!  Love it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jeff and Megan are Married!....for four years!

Let me introduce you to another awesome couple, Jeff and Megan.  Jeff and Megan are kind and generous people who have allowed Kurt and I, along with three other couples, to invade their home every Sunday evening for the past 10 months    We all met through Ada Bible Church when we joined a small group bible study last fall.  Jeff and Megan are our study leaders and have quickly become great friends.  It's so wonderful to see God working in our lives, bringing us together and developing our friendships with one another.
On July 9th, Jeff and Megan celebrated four years of marriage and Jeff's gift to Megan was a photoshoot with me!  Pretty exciting for the both of us I would say!  Jeff and Megan, like so many of us, haven't had nice pictures taken in such a long time and were way over due for photos that were as unique and fun as they are.  Thanks guys for shooting with me and allowing me to be the crazy photographer I am, even when my ideas sound something like.... "Okay I'm thinking dirty highway overpass, and graffiti train cars"...probably not exactly your idea of an anniversay shoot.  
Meet the real Jeff and Megan, cool, collected, and serious at all times....or not

Jeff, you make the best goofy face EVER!  I was nice though and didn't post the drooling one!

Thanks guys, shooting with you was Amazing!

Meet the Gless's

Let me introduce you to a wonderful family, the Glesses.  Jason is a very close friend of Kurt (and me of course!), in fact he was the best man in our wedding.  Jason will be leaving for army boot camp in August so what better time to do a family session than now.  Cindy realized the last time they had a family photo was sometime in the eighties, okay maybe early nineties but regardless it was way overdue.  
Very American, and fitting as Jason embarks on his new career in the Army 
Sometimes the out-takes are are my favorites in the bunch.  Just for the record here, Cindy is wearing a skort...shorts with a skirt, Jason is just being a drama king as usual :)

Once again, Jason...always a smart alec

Kurt came along to be my helper...well okay more like slave.  You know it's true love when your husband will hold the girlie camera bag, wear the girlie sunglasses, and hold a giant silver frisbee (in front of his guy friend).   Cute sassy, the camera loves you really.   
Man in an army uniform mixed with yummy late day light...ahhh perfect. 

Some brotherly love, Jason is giving Mikey some lessons on proper Army stance.  

mmmm, and my favorite... mom love.  I think she loves her little boy :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mark and Dionna are Married! Sneak-peek

This past Saturday Mark and Dionna were married at the beautiful Bucks Run Golf Course and Country Club in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  It was such an awesome day, the weather, though a little windy, was sunny and warm...perfect for a wedding.   Dionna was a elegant bride, I just can't get over how beautiful she looked.  I was snapping dynamite pictures of her all day!  Mark and Dionnna were just an adorable couple, I loved every moment of your day and I am so thankful I could have been a part of it.  Here is a quick peek of some sweet shots.  

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ben and Krista are Married!

On May 23, 2009 Ben and Krista were married at the beautiful Spring Grove Park.  As I mentioned in the sneak peek, rain was forcasted to begin at exactly the same time as the ceremony was scheduled to begin, not so good for an outside garden ceremony.  Thankfully God held off the rain and the day was perfect, no rain in sight.  In fact, we got a bit of sunshine, perfect for my sunflare shots... you know I love my sunflare.  It was such an amazing day and I was so honored to be a part of it.  To begin the blog, here are a few of the details...    

A few last adjustments before Krista's first reveal. 
The moment Ben saw Krista for the first time was so sweet, I have so many favorites from this part of the day.

This was a funny moment, Ben embraced his bouquet like a good groom should :)

She is so beautiful!

Yep, had to get my sunflare in there somewhere

This little cutie was the flowergirl
The musicians were close friend of Ben and Krista and were amazingly  talented

Off to the clubhouse for food and fun!

This one makes me giggle

Turns out Ben is a pretty amazing musician himself, Krista and her sister were beautiful vocalists and they all got up together to share their talents for the guests.