Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bill and Meg are Married! Sneakpeek

On Sept 5, 2009 over the Labor Day weekend Bill and Meg were married on a gorgeous day (seriously probably the best we've had all summer) at the Grand Volute in Lowell, MI.  This was a wedding I was highly anticipating for numerous reasons.  Bill and Meg are a sweet and fun couple and an absolute joy to work with from the first moment we mt.  It was great to get to know each other a little before the big day during their engagement session, so I litereally felt like one of the guests  throughout the whole day.  Thank you so much Bill and Meg for having me be a part of your special day.  Enjoy your little sneakpeek of some fun pics!

So Meg is flippin amazing, so beautiful so I couldn't help going crazy with her bridal portraits.  I think I may have over done so sorry Meg I'm sure there was a point when you were like, okay seriously we are done right!
These next two are my favorite!

beautiful girls in a field of ragweed, beautiful and potentially hazardous for the allergies!

Guys are so funny sometimes, the things they come up with amaze me!  I said make Bill laugh and I just let them go with it...

We "borrowed" this busted out car for a few shots

Meg's big entrance
So adorable, Meg tried not to cry during her vows I could tell, but when she started all her girls lost it precious

the lovely details
The cake was done by the amazing Sweet Cake Design, serioulsy everything from them is not only delicious but gorgeous!
So Meg don't be mad but I HAD to include this part in the sneak peek.  The DJ had Meg play a little game to find out just how well she knew her man.  While blindfolded she had to guess which was her man's tush.   Thankfully she guessed the right tush!  ...and yes one of the contestants was from Scotland and wore his kilt...hilarious!But that wasn't was Bill's turn to get blindfolded AND handcuffed.  Also hilarious!  
stay tuned, I have A TON more sessions and weddings to blog....I'm just really behind...yeah yeah I know I've said that a lot lately but I'm getting there :)  

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nick and Lindsey are Married! Sneak peek

Nick and Lindsey were married at St. Alphonsus Church on August 29, 2009 on a blustery winter...I mean summer day.  If you recall we had 50 degree temps, blowing wind, rain, rain, and more rain...oh well it was still fun.  There is no possible way to not have fun with Nick and Lindsey.  No spirits were dampened by the unusual "winter like" weather, smiles, laughter, and fun was felt throughout the day.  I was so excited that Lindsey and Nick gave me so much time for couple pictures, so I had a hard time narrowing down for this sneak peek, you probably can't even call this a sneakpeek anymore, so for you Lindsey my beautiful blog fan and bride (and Nick too!) here is your sneak peek :)
The flowers were done by the always fabulous Modernday Floral, I figured it was high time to give them a little blog love of my own so here are some images of the fabulous flowers.

I  really can't take any credit for this image, this one is all Nick :) Love the nose...hotness!

I have always been enchanted by the ornate decor of Catholic Churches so of course I had to blog at least a few fab photos to showcase the church's amazingness

See, what did I tell you .... a blustery day indeed. Nick was about to Mary Poppins it outta there!
Beautiful isn't she
and this one of you Lindsey
This is the funny and silly Nick and Lindsey, I had to include it because it reminds me of all the silly and funny moments.
This is the simply in love Nick and Lindsey, adorable!
she has killer eyes that are a color without a name, they are like Aqua blue awesomeness
Yep, still sassy

Mom got a little emotional after the slideshow, awww I love this stuff!