Monday, April 26, 2010

Kennedy and Logan, Grand Rapids children photography

Meet Kennedy and Logan, so cute, funny, and precious! I've known these two since they were bumps in mom's tummy. This was a really special session because I've known Kennedy and Logans' parents, Steve and Alyssa, from the early years. I knew them before they met to the day they exchanged their vows, and now the birth of their little family. When Steve called me to do a session as a birthday surprise for Alyssa, I was so honored and excited to photograph these little ones....although I'm starting to feel old because it seems like not long ago they were tiny babies...where does the time go? Steve, major props to you! I admit sometimes I have these ideas of grandeur...dirty downtown buildings, bright colors, and lollipops. Having no children of my own yet, I don't clean up kid messes everyday so while the idea of a downtown session with lollipops sounded fantastic, I quickly realized their was an aftermath mess of lollipop goo, then dirt stuck into the lollipop goo, and then dirt stuck into the lollipop goo smeared all over shirts, pants, get the picture. you guys! Thanks for letting me get them all sugared, silly, and smeared...then send them home with you :) Here's some of my favs.

and the mess begins!

Getting messy is fun!...a child after my own heart

Dirty downtown rocks are awesome!
Rocks are awesome, especially when they're dirty with sticky hands!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Associate Photographer Carolina!

I'm very excited to announce a new addition to the Phrené - Exquisite Photography company, my associate photographer, Carolina! Carolina and I go back to our days in college when we were stressing and losing sleep over our many photo projects, term papers, and class critiques. We found ourselves critiquing and working together in our photography classes so a few years later it seem so natural to starting working together professionally. She's become a great friend and a wonderful photographer and I'm happy to share that she is available for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Check our her gallery of work here.
I thought it would be fun for us to go out and do a little photoshoot, we are fun crazy girls and we don't need a better reason to do a photoshoot! As you can see she didn't have a problem working it out for the camera :) I thought you should all get to know her better so we also did a fun little interview session, here's Carolina in a nutshell...

How would you describe your personality? Who is Carolina? :) hahaha we are so cheesy

I'd say I'm a little shy, but when I say that my friends bust out laughing. Probably because I love joking around and it's easy for me to get comfortable with people quickly. My friends always say I have a bit of a Latina I'm always quick to have a wise crack back. I'm proud of being a Latina woman, I feel like being so close to my family is such an important aspect of my heritage and personality. It keeps me grounded, keeps my values strong, and my priorities straight. Because I have such a strong and genuine relationship with my family I seek to have the same kind of relationships with other people I encounter...and in my photography it helps me to recognize and capture those type of connections I see in others around me.

work it out Carolina!
What do you like about shooting weddings?

I love working and photographing people, the atmosphere of weddings are fun, I love seeing family and friends coming together and's cute...and emotional...I'm girl what do you expect? Plus, fashion!! Brides are beautiful models, they look awesome and should feel awesome even just for this one special day. I started off not knowing much about weddings until I started working with you...Phrené. Before I started shooting weddings, I thought wedding photography was about those typical family photos in front of the church. I didn't realize that the photographer was such an integral part of a wedding. I thought we were seen as more of a nuisance dodging through the guests as they party the night away, now I realize that having a professional photographer there to archive those priceless memories is so important. You helped me see the infinite possibilites with weddings, weddings incorporate so many different types of photography... fashion, jewelry, food, portraits, documentary and photography aside just connecting with people.

What gave you that preconceived notion wedding photography was about "typical wedding photos in front of the church"?

I guess it's from weddings that I went to as a kid or past wedding photos I saw of family and friends. I think the modern bride looks for something more unique, fitting her own personality and style. Now with website portfolios and the internet people invest a lot of time and energy into researching the perfect photographer.

How would you describe your photography style?

I like making things pretty...that's sounds simple but it's true. Pretty makes people (brides) happy, I want to make something beautiful and interesting to look at but I also want my subjects to connect on a personal level with their photos, but even further I want to capture the personal connection, emotions, and relationships of the people and events going on around me at weddings.

Aside from wedding photography, are their other photography things you enjoy?

Most weekdays you'll find me at WMCAT downtown GR teaching high-school kids how to appreciate photography. They get to experience traditional black and white photography but also high end studio lighting, photoshop...the whole shebang. After college I missed being in the darkroom and it's been fun getting back into traditional style darkroom work.
I really love pin hole cameras, they are so simple yet the results of the image can be incredibly creative....not much use for pin hole cameras at weddings...ha oh well. Maybe a new adventure for the future right?!...or not. Don't worry I won't show up to your wedding with a pin hole camera oatmeal box!

Anything else we should know about you?
I can't wait for the new Sex in the City movie!!!