Friday, November 6, 2009

Lauren and Brent are Engaged!!!

So excited to share this session! This is Lauren and Brent, they will be married in May 2010...I'm partial to May myself :) I have to be honest and say that I am incredibly flattered that Lauren and Brent chose me to photograph them. I am always flattered when anyone chooses me as their photographer, however, Lauren works for the always stunning Modern Day Floral. She interacts with TONS of fabulous photographers everyday and could have chosen any one of them, but they chose me! So thanks guys, it really is an extra special compliment to me...and maybe just a little bit more pressure :) We met at Robinette's Apple Orchard for our shoot right around the time of year when the leaves were just beginning change color and the apples were ripe and colorful...beautiful absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, Michigan weather is not always willing to cooperate. We had our session scheduled and then rescheduled and we managed to finally get the ONE day in the month without rain....and a smidge of sun, for about 5 minutes...but despite the weather obstacles we had a wonderful session. Lauren and Brent were fun, silly, kind, and very much in love. Thanks guys for a great shoot, looking forward to your big day...May will be here faster than you know it!

Becky and Devin are Engaged!

Meet Becky and Devin, they are one of my fabulous July 2010 couples. A few weeks back we went out for an exciting engagement shoot. I always get excited to do photoshoots but I was extra excited because Becky and Devin wanted a little of everything, a little downtown a little country. Hey, I want my cake and eat it too :) so this was perfect, plus I love trying out new fun spots I find. I saw this patch of tall grass..okay weeds... and thought ahhh perfect!!! Becky and Devin were such a delight, they were up for whatever. We had fun and they both did such an amazing job. I know it's hard to make out in front of a camera but seriously you guys look awesome, you are one HOT and stylin' couple. I can't wait for your wedding!